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        Access to health care

        2022-03-19 12:43:22

        We laid emphasis on thecapacity improvement of pharmaceutical R&D, gave play to the R&Dadvantages and developed blockbuster medical products; developed fashionChinese medicine actively, integrated fashion and traditional Chinese medicinemutually, and formed consumption fashion through the cross-border cooperationof traditional Chinese medicine with multiple industries to provide new healthylifestyle for people and actively build a biomedicine and health enterpriserating world first class with industry characteristics and distinct culture.

        n  Highlights

        ?  In 2021, for an accumulative amount, more than600million person-times were benefited from drug recycling

        ?  In 2021, total R&D expenses this year:Around RMB 875 million

        ?  In 2021, number of ongoing projects: Nearly 200

        ?  In 2021, 3 provincial scientific researchplatforms and 1 municipal scientific research platform were newly established, 8national scientific research platforms, 40 provincial scientific researchplatforms and 35 municipal scientific research platforms on an accumulativebasis. The strong high-level talent team was established, which had 3 NobelPrize winners, 24 double-employed academicians and TCM masters, 7 foreignexpert consultants and 4 experts enjoying special government allowance andnearly 100 doctors and postdoctors.

        ?  In 2021, 20 scientific research projects wereapproved, including 3 innovative drug R&D projects; the planned capitalinput was over RMB 3,000.

        ?  In 2021, 2 clinical approvals and 16production approvals were obtained, 16 product regulations on consistencyevaluation were ratified, totally 144 patents were applied, totally 94 patentlicenses were obtained, with 72 for invention patents and 22 for utility modelpatents.

        n  Our Approach to Access to Health Care

        We promoted TCMmodernization through science and technology, explored the treasure of TCM withmodern technology, kept strengthening the innovative force of scientificresearch, promoted TCM internationalization and provided more TCM schemes forworld health. We kept promoting the development of grass-roots medical servicesand was devoted to improving human beings’ health level and lower medicalexpenses; inherited and carried forward the TCM health preservation culturevigorously and provided more schemes for human health protection.

        n  Our Stories