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        Ethics and transparency

        2022-03-19 12:43:08

        We paid attention to theclean team construction, implemented anti-corruption and bribery trainingactively and strengthened business operation transparency; carried out clinicaltrials and animal experiments at a high sense of morality and ethics andcooperated to supply value chain and partner to build the clean, transparentand compliant business ecosystem jointly.

        n  Highlights

        ?  In 2021, total hours of employeeanti-corruption training: 23,722; number of anti-corruption activities: 10;international AAALAC complete qualification certificate.

        ?  In 2021, total person-times of directoranti-corruption training: 31; total hours of director anti-corruption training:62; total person-times of employee anti-corruption training: 11,861

        ?  In 2021, total number of accepted lettercomplaints: 36; number of problem treatment clues: 38; number of Partydiscipline approval projects: 13 (13 persons involved)

        n  Our Approach to Ethics and Transparency

        We always stuck to the highstandards of ethical business conduct and publicized and promoted integrityvalues; run business in accordance with the principle of good faith, blendedthe compliant management into enterprise’s daily operation and build thesustainable partnership of the Company with patients and society. We insistedon public and transparent operation and established compliance managementsystem actively; maintained a high sense of morality and ethics whole runningbusiness as per laws and regulations and practiced commercial and medicalethics. We kept advancing the transparent, process and lean management of supplychain, ensure stabilization of supply chain and established and maintained thepowerful sustainable supply chain; guaranteed raw material supply quality andsafety, improved internal supervision and controlled potential risk of supplychain link.

        n  Our Stories