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        Environmental protection

        2022-03-19 12:30:46

        We blended into national"30˙60 decarbonization goal" strategic layout actively and practicednew development idea and protected environment in multiple aspects such asimproving environment management regulations, optimizing resources utilization,lowering environment impact, conserving biodiversity and advocatingenvironmental protection idea.

        n  Highlights

        ?  In 2021, external electricity purchase:139,012,632.20 kWh

        ?  In 2021, greenhouse gas emission density: 0.06t/RMB 10,000 output value

        n  Our Approach to Environmental Protection

        We improved internalenvironment management system constantly, advanced HSE management platformconstruction, established objectives and implementation plan and tried toachieve collaborative development of enterprise development and environmentalprotection. We carried out the reasonable utilization of green production, energyemphasis, water resources, herb residues and packaging material. We optimizedthe prevention and control of pollutants (e.g. waste and noise) continuously,tried to lower the negative influence on environment and made contributions togreen development of the whole society and the building of a beautiful China.We also actively promoted biodiversity protection work, established medicinalmaterial planting bases nationwide based on local realities, plantedtraditional Chinese medicine in a standard manner, studied medicinal materialplanting technologies, called on the public not to consume products made ofwild animals, fully coordinated regulatory authorities and took on socialresponsibility of protecting bio-diversity with deeds, taking the lead in China’s pharmaceuticalindustry to protect biodiversity.

        n  Our Stories