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        Sustainability foundations

        2022-03-19 11:45:20

        eWe closely follow thecountry’scall to establish the idea of developing enterprise by talent management,attached importance to talent cultivation, kept improving talent cultivationsystem, optimize salary and welfare system and inject new vitality todevelopment of TCM industry.

        n  Highlights

        ?  In 2021, proportion of female employees:37.92%

        ?  In 2021, percentage of social securitycoverage:100%

        ?  In 2021, financial contributions of publicwelfare: RMB 13,690,200

        n  Our Approach to Sustainability Foundations

        We always focus on the"people oriented" development idea, care and think highly ofemployees’ reasonable demand both in work and life including basic rights andinterests and development potential, take their advice in a democratic mannersuch as holding Congress of Workers and Staff and Conference of the TradesUnion Congress and made efforts to build up a comfortable working environmentfor employees. We strictly followed related laws and regulations, made effortsto eliminate potential safety hazards in workplaces, and strengthened safetytraining and emergency drills, in order to make transformation from"passive publicity of safety" to "active awareness ofsafety", "knowledge of ensuring safety" and "skills ofensuring safety". We always uphold the enterprise idea of "spreadinglove all over the world", actively fulfill social responsibilities andobligations and lay special emphasis on public welfare along with our fastdevelopment. We will live up to expectations and move on!

        n  Our Stories